Tips for what you can do in Easter in Copenhagen

Tips for what you can do in Easter in Copenhagen

Beautiful Copenhagen appears these days from its finest side. The Easter holiday is upon us, and it is important that we enjoy it in full. Although you have not made the big plans for the Easter holiday by going abroad, don't worry. Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do here at home. We have therefore gathered a few tips for you who would like to go on a one-day trip with friends to sunny Copenhagen.


Go to Tivoli

If you choose to go on a one-day trip to our lovely capital, then Tivoli is clearly a must-see. You don't necessarily have to venture into the wild rides, but can easily settle for a long walk around the beautiful Easter universe that Tivoli has created. It is a whole experience in itself. The whole of Tivoli is these days packed with both Easter eggs and a wealth of colorful tulip bulbs. In addition, there are a number of activities on the program and you can certainly find an activity that falls to your liking.


Enjoy Nyhavn in the beautiful Easter weather

When you go to Copenhagen, it is also often to feel the atmosphere in the big city, and which place is better to sense the city than Nyhavn? It is a great place to spend some time - especially when the weather shows up at its best. If you need to cool off with a delicious ice cream, or are looking for lunch with a good view, then you can certainly find it at Nyhavn!


Let your inner child see the light of day and take a trip at the Experimentarium!

Do you need to visit an informal place where the atmosphere is always good? Then you can consider taking a trip at the Experimentarium in Copenhagen. Often, the place is associated with families with children, but it can certainly also be an interesting place for young students who find experimentation and science a bit fascinated. The place offers during the Easter holidays a number of exciting activities and trials that you can become a part of!