Tips for cheap summer holidays in Berlin or Prague

Tips for cheap summer holidays in Berlin or Prague

Our southern neighboring cities offer party and holiday on a small budget

Do you and a few friends want to explore European big cities, but are they struggling with the savings for the holidays? The summer holiday is just around the corner, but if the exam time has taken the whole view, it can also be a source of inspiration for what you actually have to do during the holidays. Therefore, here we bring a bunch of turbo tips for how you and your friends get a lot of holiday (and party!) For the money by going on cheap and exciting city break in Berlin or Prague.

  1. Find the best deals and be flexible with transport to Berlin

Many travel companies offer delicious last minute travel deals , so be a little flexible with departure time, so you get the best deal in terms of transport and hotel. You can also save really good money by merging your journey yourself, if you again have the courage to be a little flexible in relation to eg travel time of day. Many international bus companies have extra cheap tickets for popular cities such as Berlin, if you choose to leave at night from Aarhus or Copenhagen. The advantage is that you arrive in the city in the morning and have a full day exploring the city.

  1. Get cheap hotel accommodation in Prague by watching last minute deals

It can again be a great advantage to be flexible when it comes to accommodation. Download different booking apps so you always have an overview of the many last minute offers. Large cities like Prague are visited by many tourists, which means that hotels often experience last-minute cancellations. Take advantage of this and check out the cheap deals on an ongoing basis - you will often be able to find delicious hotel rooms for less than half price.

  1. Travel light - and take advantage of the cheap shopping in Berlin and Prague

Traveling inexpensively and well with this tactic, however, it may be advantageous to travel lightly and not to carry a giant suitcase when changing hotels. It's also a mistake to stuff your suitcase with clothes you don't need anyway: There are, for example, a wealth of cheap and exciting shopping in Berlin, not to mention the gigantic famous "yellow market" in Prague.

In addition, always check the weather in Prague before packing the clothes for a day trip, as the summer weather in more central Eastern Europe offers both spontaneous rains and 32 degrees in the shade. The same goes for the weather in Berlin, where you can enjoy the high temperatures from June through September in the city's many green parks and in beautiful (and free!) Bathing lakes, which are only half an hour from the center.

  1. Look for free attractions in parks and urban spaces

Speaking of green spaces, the best way to keep a cheap city break is by sticking to the attractions that cost nothing - logically enough! However, one can quickly be lured by the center's glittering signs, large concerts or the clubs' pumping music.

But both Berlin and Prague translate by having lots of exciting features and evocative urban spaces that are completely free to see. Buy an inexpensive day pass for the city's public transport and explore the alternate art and street life neighborhoods of the cities, take a handful of cheap beers and snacks in a lively park for a summer evening, or hike past the city's historic buildings and vantage points.

If you and your peers lack inspiration to find interesting sights in Berlin and Prague, get more cool travel tips right here - great summer!