Tips for Decorating the Studio - How to Create Your First Home

Tips for Decorating the Studio - How to Create Your First Home

For most young people, moving into a studio home is a great experience. You get away from all the safe and well-known, yes, may even end up in a completely different end of the country, if that's where the dream study is located. Of course, this gives a lot of freedom, but also a lot of responsibility, because there are plenty of things to consider when leaving the safe nest. What about the decor for example? How does one fit all its stuff? And how do you actually transform your studio home into a real home? There are many questions and just as many answers. Below you will find a guide with various suggestions.

Pay attention to storage

First, it is important to align expectations with oneself. A studio accommodation is usually not very large, so you may not need to install table football and pinball machine. Instead, one should pay attention to storage solutions. Of course, a spacious closet is very useful, but otherwise there are lots of creative solutions with shelves that can be inspired from the internet. Often, you can also invest in beds or tables with storage space.

It should feel like a home

However, the most important thing about a new student residence is that it will feel like a real home. A place where you feel that you belong, that shows who you are and where you feel comfortable. Fortunately, there are plenty of crazy and bearded home items that can show just your personality. You can buy posters with inspirational quotes, unique bedding or some great kelim pillows made from old vintage kelim rugs from Turkey. When the new study buddies come to visit, it's great to be able to show them a place that clearly shows that you are living there.