Tips for students in Copenhagen with family in Jutland

Tips for students in Copenhagen with family in Jutland

It can be a half-hour trip from Copenhagen to Jutland when the family is going to visit this weekend and it is about Sønderjylland, so it can not even be paid for sailing or flying as it can for example. Aarhus or Aalborg.

So it's about getting the best out of the trip, especially when it comes to food. Most people make thanks to a boring wrap, or sausage, from a gas station to absurd prices and that's too bad because there are actually other possibilities.

In the middle of the beautiful zoo, Hindsgavl and down to Fænøsund, you will find Fænø-sund, which is actually a conference center, but has a super delicious brunch and a wonderful view. So you can enjoy a brunch Middelfart and then drive over the old Lillebæltsbro before returning home from the old ones.

Also, keep in mind water and snacks in the car (such as protein bars, fruit and nuts) so you do not get cold before Middelfart and fall into the fast food trap.

Good trip!