Healthy and delicious food on budget with meal boxes for students

Healthy and delicious food on budget with meal boxes for students

When you are on SU you have to count every penny in your pocket or on your bank account. It is a well-known condition that the Danish students live with pasta with ketchup or oatmeal and that meal boxes are something that is only medium-class families in the middle class. Read here and find out that as a single student you can easily afford food delivered to the door while avoiding food waste. We also show you how to use the Findmå service easily to choose the supplier and the meal box that meets your needs and budget.

Ecology, local produce and no food waste

Meal boxes have gained a great deal in the lives of many people and families. There are many reasons for that. First of all, it's easy for a busy day. You will need to deliver the necessary ingredients straight to the door and avoid having to be in a packed supermarket every afternoon or evening. But do not forget to find some food to make every single day as the meal boxes usually come with recipes and food plans.

At the same time as the convenience of all, local produce is also adapted to the current season and helps reduce food waste. In the meal boxes, you only get the things you need to make the planned dishes during the week and do not end up throwing out a lot of food, as you often do when buying impulsively.

How to afford it

As I wrote in the introduction, the idea of ​​a student can easily be "but how can I afford meal boxes at SU?". Many suppliers of meal boxes work either with single boxes or with meal boxes adapted to one person, and they are not as expensive as those who cater for a whole family of children.

For example, if we Looking at the seasons, the first in Denmark to offer weekly boxes of raw materials, they have boxes up to 254 kroner per day. week. You can not buy much in a supermarket when you think about how much you get for the money.

How to choose the meal box that suits your needs

The time when the seasons were alone on the market is long gone and there is a choice of suppliers of meal boxes to choose from. Everything from vegetables, fish, fruit and meat can be found. Vegetables, slimming and fitness boxes. Looking at the comparative service Findmå, there are only 16 different suppliers available to choose from.

Here it is smart to be able to avail of such a comparative service. You can choose from a wide range of parameters, such as number of people, wishes for food types, number of days a week and much more. The service will show you the potential suppliers to choose from the price and terms listed. And the best part is that you can order your new meal box directly from the side and get started right away.

Also in your local area

Almost wherever you live in Denmark, there are meal boxes available directly to your doorstep. Whether you live in an apartment or college in the big city or in a country house. At Findmå you can enter your zip code and view the options you have in your local area.