Study guide to moving - where to save?

Study guide to moving - where to save?

You have probably tried it several times during your study time - relocation. Between colleges, apartments or maybe to your first very own condominium or condominium? Otherwise, you will need to move for the first time and fly off the nest. Whether you move from college and home to boyfriend, or move away from your childhood home, there can be many pitfalls and unforeseen expenses associated with the move - and it's just as hard every time. Some things can be saved - many buy used (cleaned) bedding and kitchen equipment, for example. Do not save on the installation of home appliances.

When you are in place, however, you are in place, and then the fridge and couch do not move out of place, and you can finally start to fall into place in the new surroundings. It is difficult to move without using a few hands, but you can avoid being ruined every time if you get the right offers and get some know-how from experts in the field.



If you have been investing in your very own condominium or owner-occupied home, you are probably also interested in getting the right 'income' from the start. Some bathrooms in the apartments of the big cities in the country do not leave much to the imagination, and they are built tiny and for other needs. If you do not bother to take a bath over the sink, there may be a scam in renovating the bathroom before moving in, and everyday life and your new life will start.

In this connection, some of the mounting tasks are best left to a professional, such as renovating a bath and installing a toilet that can easily go wrong if you throw yourself over it - and this at the risk of ruining more money than the cost of a professional.



If you are in a rental situation, mostly fitted kitchen equipment with the rental agreement, so you should not worry too much about it. If, on the other hand, you rent your apartment while you are on holiday, or if you have a tenant with whom you share your apartment, you have another responsibility for the right equipment. It is smart to invest in good and robust home appliances from the start, as it can't pay to be stingy in the field - bad products last a short time and 'cost' you more trouble than the money you saved once (and canceled when you need more products in less time than a single quality purchase).

In addition to the fixed fixtures such as refrigerator, stove and freezer, many also choose to have a dishwasher installed, as they would like to avoid the growing and often smelly dishes that often create a split between roommates. Do you dream of a dishwasher for your studio apartment? You can often have dishwashers delivered to the door for a candy, but in that case you have to stand by yourself, which can be a challenge for most without installer experience. If you get the dishwasher delivered to the door, it is a good idea to get a price tag , so you know what you have to assume based on price.