Large grant from Novozymes to Aarhus University

Large grant from Novozymes to Aarhus University

600,000 kr. Per year for seven years to ensure greater exchange between India and Aarhus University.

Biotechnology is a growth area. Also at Aarhus University, where area just received a large grant from Novozymes and Henning Holck-Larsen Foundation.

The project funding of up to 4.2 million kr. Provide talented young researchers from Aarhus University the opportunity to benefit from research stays in India and at the same time young Indian researchers come to the University of Aarhus.

- The project provides Aarhus excellent opportunities - in the field of biotechnology - to strengthen existing partnerships and establish new ones with some of the strongest players in India. We are very pleased that Novozymes and Henning Holck-Larsen Foundation makes such cooperation for the benefit of both Danish and Indian research, says Dean of Science and Technology, Professor Nielsen.

The purpose of the exchange agreement is to strengthen cultural ties between India and the University of Aarhus, and to give individual researchers the opportunity to develop personally and professionally.

- At Aarhus University, we focus heavily on talent and this is a really exciting offer that we can give our young researchers in biotechnology, which can help to develop them into better scientists. At the same time, we can at Aarhus University benefit of having talented young Indian researchers with us for a period, so that way we can share experiences and knowledge, says Brian Bech Nielsen.

In total, the grant opportunity to about six researchers annually can travel from Aarhus to India, and vice versa, six Indians come to the University of Aarhus.