Support Fest give Afghan children a right to play back

Support Fest give Afghan children a right to play back

On 14 May at. 10:00 to 04:00 in KPH Volume Hosts: The snowball (P3) and intern
Support celebrations take place on Saturday 14 May. pm. 10-04. We will reopen KPH Volume, Enghavevej 82, 2450 Copenhagen SV. Admission costs 95 kr. On and 120 kr. In the door.
Experience the Baby Love & the van dangos, Von Dü and DJ are you stupid or what On 14 May at. 10:00 to 04:00 will KPH Volume setting for a hell of a support party for Skateistan - a voluntary NGO that again this year fighting for the Afghan children have the right to play back. Support festival offers a lot of activities, where you will be able to experience skateboarding competitions and -opvisninger, concerts, exhibitions, auctions and more. As the new year, it is possible to support the project with SMS donations by SMS skate to 1999 and donate 100 kr. Last year we managed Skateistan and party people to send just under half a million kr. Off to Afghanistan . This year Skateistan hope to raise even more funds.

The right to play

The UN Children's Convention, Article 31 reads: "The child has the right to rest, leisure and play and participation in cultural and creative activities" .1 Skateistan Denmark has for years been based on UN Children's Convention and decided that the theme for Skateistan 2011 must be "the right to play." In Afghanistan it is to play not a matter of course, but in Skateistan the children a space where they for a moment forget about hunger, war and terrorism. A place where to play and express themselves physically in order, regardless walks of life, ethnicities, and whether you are a boy or girl. Many of these children have never been part of a structured training program and to get them out of a too early work and back to school is just of great priority for Skateistan. The more than 400 children who now enjoy Skateistan project, are taught in English and IT, healthy habits, local development and trying at all to give them skills that can lead them towards a better and more secure future. Skateistan Denmark collects in the year money to open a new skateboarding school in Masar-e Sharif in northern Afghanistan. At the same time gather the money to expand the existing skate park in Kabul with new privileges. Uggi Kaldan says: - "Support Festival in 2009 was a major turning point for Skateistan, so I'm mega keen to repeat the success. I hope people will support the project so Skateistan can continue their fantastic work in the future, and that even more children will benefit from experiencing the refuge, skate park has created over 1000 children in Kabul since 2009. "

SMS donations and photo exhibition

As the big can this year support the project via SMS donations by SMS skate to 1999 and donate 100 kr. In addition, the photo exhibition "Right to Play", which has been given a prominent place in many centers around the Denmark, seen in Frederiksberg Centre in Copenhagen and Bruuns Galleri in Aarhus.

Music Program for "Skateistan Fundraiser CPH 11"

UTDOOR CHILL-OUT SIDE IN THE SUN AFTERNOON 10:00 am :: Skateistan OPENING 10:30 am :: ADRIAN PAY 12:00 :: ANDERS K 13:00 pm :: BREAKDANCE 14:00 pm :: wharf 15: 00 pm :: TAX COMPETITION 17:00 pm :: LE FOX HOLES INDOOR PARTY ALL NIGHT AT KPH-VOLUME 18:00 pm :: JENS Lindahl + special guests 19:00 pm :: BABY LOVE & THE VAN Dangos 20:30 pm :: DJ FLIP 21:30 pm :: FAST PO HOLMEN 22:30 pm :: VON you 23:15 pm :: DJ ARTMUS + DJ STUPID OR WHAT 01:00 am :: DJ LeBon (THE BLACK SCHOOL). 2:40 am :: DUBSTEP Surprise

Art Exhibition

10:00 to 21:00: World-class artists shows unique art on skateboards, on sale at The auction begins at Thursday. May 12 and runs until d. 26 May.


10:00 to 17:00: Outlet, great prices on great clothes, all income goes to Skateistan. Special prices for Volcom, Paul Smith shoes, Pepe Jeans London, Ben Sherman, Twenty8Twelve By S. Miller.

Afghan Culture Day Sunday. May 15 at City Hall Square

Ayad - Afghan Youth Association in Denmark 14:00: Skateistan go along with Ayad for a day of fashion shows, lectures on Afghan history and culture, sports, dance, music and much more. It all takes place at the City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

Art Exhibition

12:00 to 04:00: Featured decorated skateboards on display and for sale on

Skater Competition for children

Skateistan style - premiere for the best pupils No tickets required for Sunday.

photo exhibitions

Frederiksberg Centre on Monday. 9/5 - d. 14/5. Herning Center on Monday. 16/5 - d. 21/5. Bruun 's Gallery Aarhus Monday. 16/5 - d. 26/5. Kolding United Center Monday. 13/5 - d. 25/5. See more at