Touch up on your local poker club

Touch up on your local poker club

Many students, especially the male, loves gambling and especially poker. Therefore put in this article focus on the Danish poker clubs.

Visit a poker club

At the turn of a new law came into force, putting the many poker clubs around Denmark were forced to buy a license to continue to organize tournaments. There were simultaneously asked a series of requirements for the conduct of the tournaments, so you can better control how much money people can lose. One of the new rules is that a tournament will cost maximum 300 crowns and the money must be paid via online banking day before. That's fine, of course, and many are happy to have come some rules in this area, so everyone knows what applies. Thats how it should be.

Difficult conditions in the clubs

More than twenty clubs around the country has been granted a license from the Gaming Authority and the hand started to run perfectly legal poker tournaments . There have been many teething problems, as many players apparently have had difficulty turning to having to deposit money the day before a tournament. Indeed, it has completely removed the ability spontaneously to play a tournament. Now everything is planned and it is obviously done to reduce the possibility of developing a gambling addiction. Several of the twenty clubs that are licensed, have simply been forced to close down due to no new enough players at the club. It was not just what was the meaning of the Act and therefore are focusing on the politicians to change the rules again.

Cosiness in clubs

However, there are several clubs where it actually runs ok. River Club in Valby is one of them and here is often visited by big stars like Gus Hansen and Theo Jorgensen. It is not pure gangster conditions in such poker clubs as many might have an impression. It is quietly and ordinary people who come to enjoy themselves with a game of poker and good company. Therefore, it can only be recommended to investigate where the nearest poker club is, go and visit it and try to play a tournament to rally around it. Source: