Start a business as a student - that's how you become visible

Start a business as a student - that's how you become visible

More and more students are choosing to start their own business, partly because of the popular program Løvens Hule at DR1 .

But starting a business is not so straightforward. It is also clear that not all participants in the popular program have been fully controlled in their numbers and marketing, which means that investors will not invest in them.

If you have an idea to start a business yourself and you want to get the message out, it is not always enough to stand in the Lion's Cave and hope for an investment. Customers need it. Customers are the whole foundation for you to have a business.


How do you get hold of those customers?

Basically, it doesn't matter what you sell. Customers are the most difficult to get to, as they either have so many other options to choose from or they cannot see what their needs are. But first and foremost, it's all about making yourself visible. If the customers at your company do not exist, they will never come and buy anything either.


How do you become more visible to customers?

You can invest in a lot of online advertising, both on Facebook, Instagram, Google and so on. But something that still works, and that is much simpler, is advertising articles that create visibility in the public space.

Every day you are exposed to promotional items in the public space without thinking about it. And there are other people who are the living advertising pillars. Branded products and t-shirts with print are popular and we love to wear it as it shows both status and position as many t-shirts have been printed either a logo or a statement.

Imagine if it was your own fire you saw on the street.

It is definitely an advantage to supplement your online marketing with this kind of unique offline marketing. By making yourself visible in the street image, you will also be remembered later. T-shirts are also something that people keep for the longest time and if you have created a brand, then customers actually pay money to advertise your business.

As a freshman, though, it's fine to start out small. Therefore, you can simply print a few t-shirts or polos first and use them for yourself and your helpers at a trade show. Then you also do not yawn more than your SU can carry. Good luck with that!