Eat brain ready for the exam

Eat brain ready for the exam

It is soon time for exams across the country, and if you do not want to end up in the bottom of the scale, it requires that your brain is ready for the challenges. This can help it through your diet.

The brain requires more than just white bread, sweets and greasy pizzas if it is to perform optimally. Even though it may seem easiest with the unhealthy when sitting and working hard preparing for the exam.

The best thing for your brain is not necessarily difficult. See these tips:

Eat fiber

Good coarse fibers found in wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta and brown rice, etc., So choose brown and coarse instead of the white versions.

Eat vegetables

And go after the serious ones, such as cabbage in all editions, spinach, broccoli, beets and stuff. The web is full of easy recipes, if you did not have the imagination to dishes with these green cases.

Eat the good fats

Even if you jump on the healthy diet, your brain still needs fat. The fat also affects the body's absorption of vitamins from the diet. Avocado, various oils, nuts and oily fish are good sources of healthy fats.

Eat fish and lean meats

Fish contains the good fats, especially salmon, if you want to make a delicious dinner that is both easy and delicate. Otherwise, tuna, mackerel, kippers and cod roe from the can also be filled with the good fats, and is easy on a piece of rye bread at any time of day.

Proteins from meat to brain and body, you can get from chicken, turkey, pork or lamb.

Eat also snacks

Of course it is still ok to indulge in some sinful, but just a little and good quality. Buy a delicious plate good dark chocolate, eat prunes, apricots and nuts, or make a smoothie of berries and fruit, possibly from the freezer.

With these simple and good advice, your brain probably do, and do what it can for you in the pressed exam period.