Save money by doing nails at home

Save money by doing nails at home

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There is nothing that can liven up an outfit like beautiful nail art. You may also want to talk and gesture more, so you can really show off your nails. Unfortunately, going to a salon and getting your nails done isn't exactly cheap. Fortunately, you can do it yourself at home.

In 2022, most things are possible when it comes to nails. Whether you're into French tips, baby boomer nails, glitter, stones or patterns, you can easily get it. It's just a bit expensive. That is, unless you do the nails yourself


Make a home salon with gel polish

Have you heard of gel polish ? It is perfect for the home nail salon. Gel polish provides a smooth and glossy surface that can last an incredibly long time. In fact, you rarely need to remove the polish until your nail has grown out. Therefore, the gel polish is also a cheap solution, especially if you do it yourself.

Gel polish is cured under a UV lamp, which is why you feel like a true professional when doing nails. The lamp is available in a gel polish starter kit, where you get the basic things you need for your home salon. A starter set can thus also contain primer, base coat and top coat, cuticle pusher, electric nail file, nail buffer, cuticle oil and clippers and more.


You lead the brush

An advantage of doing gel polish nails yourself at home is that you are completely in control of the final result. It's a fun hobby where you can experiment and be creative. If you want to really geek out, you can invest in different nail brushes and dotting tools. The possibilities are many.


Save the money – not the quality of life

There may be some who think that beautiful nails can just be saved away. They can do that too. But it's a shame if it's something that brings joy and excitement to your everyday life. If you feel this way, it might be better to save the money on going to a salon and do your nails yourself instead.


How to make the home salon even cheaper

If you want to make the nails as cheap as possible, you can consider getting a gel polish starter kit as a gift. That way, you don't have to spend money on UV light, primer, basecoat and topcoat and more.

It is very common for a starter set to cost around DKK 600, but you can also get sets for DKK 1,000 and more. Remember to also wish for varnish in beautiful colours, as they are usually bought alongside the starter kit.