Save money on the stream and take care of the environment as a student

Save money on the stream and take care of the environment as a student

Many of us students are just as environmentally conscious, but we are also in an age and somewhere in life where purchases of more expensive, environmentally friendly products and donations of money to environmental organizations are not a real possibility. But there are still a lot of ways to make a difference and they come here.


Sort your waste

Most importantly, separate batteries separately and deliver them to the recycling station, or put them in a plastic bag on the waste bin on the day of unloading, so the garbage man will handle it for you. It makes a huge difference. And it goes without saying that larger things like computer, telephone, etc. are handed over to recycling, so others can enjoy it and it does not matter in the environment. You can read more about and what to do with your used batteries on the link.



Cut down on power consumption

Ok, you still have to read in the evening, so turning the lights off is completely excluded. But that does not mean that you can not make a difference here too. For most of us students have old-fashioned bulbs in our lamps because led bulbs are too expensive. Ie That's because you can actually get LED bulbs quite cheap nowadays for example. via the link.


Think about how do you bear

The more difficult things to cut is for example. on meat for you who love meat. But say, do not bother you, try to save a little on beef and try some vegan alternatives. This is especially relevant if you live in Aarhus or Copenhagen, where there are many other vegan alternatives.

Are you going to Berlin, Stockholm, Paris or elsewhere, which is still close to Denmark? Consider driving trains instead of flying. They emit much less CO2 and you get a lot of discounts as students.