Save money on the decor with Crocca!

Save money on the decor with Crocca!

Have you just arrived in the new study home, but it is as if something still lacking to complete the habits? Fear not! The Student Guide is here to help you. Now you can save a lot of money on delicious home accessories.


Beautiful surroundings

Whether you are living in a three-room or a 12-square-meter dormitory, it's nice with beautiful surroundings. Although it may just be a temporary study home, you would like to have a nice and cozy setting. Perhaps it's just a good deal of utilization you need. You may think that art is old-fashioned and something that just stood at Grandmother's home, but you must think again. At you can find everything from beautiful jars to elegant figures. Perhaps you are sitting right and missing a salt and pepper set for the kitchen, or a retro worklight to the desk.


Costume on the budget offers many options. In addition to countless dining options for the kitchen, garden and living room, you will also find spirits, flowers and delicious decorations for different festivals. As a student it is rare to have a lot of money between hands, especially for use on the interior. But you should not worry about it! has collected a page where you can see all their offers and get a discount on a lot of different delicious items. So you can easily find delicious products for cheap money.


The details counts

Even though you may think that it's not necessary to focus on the device, it's the details that count. Perhaps you will live in the same study home for the next 3-5 years. Is not it any more cozy with some beautiful paintings on the walls and a delicious vase on the dining table? With a little nips you will come a long way. A plant, some sweet fireworks and a beautiful figure can make wonders for the ambiance and atmosphere of your little home.


Remember that you at Crocca always find many exciting offers on delicious items. There is no doubt something for you who has moved away from home and is on a tight SU budget!

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