Save money on your wardrobe

Most of us love shopping for the wardrobe, but at SU the budget can not afford countless shopping trips. Fortunately, you have an obvious opportunity to save a lot of money on clothes while supporting a good case; Recycle! Perhaps you are one of those who found that recycled stores are wild biscuits and only have old, ugly clothes. But that's not the way you should think! You can find very incredibly nice clothes in various recycling shops. Recycling and Second Hand are becoming more and more popular, so if you want to join the nodes, it's just about to get started!

When you go shopping at a recycling store, you save on your money, which is obviously good, but you also support a good case and that's a big plus. You can support others, while saving yourself money. And not only that you can update the wardrobe, you can also acquire new accessories like shoes and jewelry. If there's no clothes you're missing, but a new sofa or coffee maker, do not worry, because there's also plenty in the recycling world.


People's Church Aid
"We dress the world's poorest on to life". Folkekirkens Nødhjælp opened the first recycling shop in 1972 and today has approx. 122 stores distributed in small Denmark. The annual surplus goes to the Danish People's Aid's work around the world. They emphasize that regardless of which generation you belong to, you can find good and cheap items in their stores. Most shops sell clothes and accessories, but you can also find furniture in selected stores

Blue Cross
More than 50 different stores, some with clothes, others with nips and furniture. Here you will find some really nice things, whether you are wearing clothes or renovating your furniture in the apartment. On their website you can find a complete map and the various shops, and with the stores divided into categories, you can easily find whatever you are looking for. Here you support an organization that works to prevent alcohol problems and create new opportunities for those people who have, or have had, alcohol and drug problems.

Red Cross
There are often large stores with a wide selection of both clothes and furniture. It's about. 235 stores in Denmark, so the chance that there is one near you is quite big. If you are not used to shopping recycling, Red Cross stores are a good place to start because the clothing style is very varied. If you are most of the classic from World Cup or the more spooky vintage league, then you should be able to find it here. The Red Cross makes sure that their shops are beautiful and have something to suit everyone. The shops are run by approx. 8,000 volunteers, and thus all profits are for a good purpose, such as Social work in Denmark and international relief.

Danmission Recycling has more than 85 reusable stores filled with options for a good purchase. Danmission works to strengthen the global church, fight poverty and create peace.

If you are the more modern type who prefer to go shop-amok online, then there are also options for you. On Facebook there are countless Second Hand pages, and here's a real time. If you join the big groups. There are so many suggestions that you can hardly spend hours searching for cool items. The Tradono app is also recommended for buying clothes, furniture, nips and everything else you can not suddenly live without. Here's even a section called "Removed" and here you can be lucky to find free things that you just needed. In addition, there is the Blue Newspaper, The Yellow Pages and many more options to save money.

If you have any old clothes you no longer use, you can also support a good case by donating it to recycling stations. There are different clothing containers around the country where you can deliver your used clothes. The same goes for used furniture and items, here are the many shops that are happy to have your old bedside table or your big pile of crime novels.