Exciting student in Denmark

Exciting student in Denmark

Our section for student jobs at StudenterGuiden.dk growing all the time and we are proud to offer relevant student for students and graduates in Denmark. In this little news we have collected exciting student in Denmark.
Whether you live in Greater Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense - then StudenterGuiden.dk numerous exciting student job that you can search. We have collected some of the most popular here, so you can get inspiration for a student job alongside your studies. We have selected companies and employment agencies that regularly offer student that we think you should look at:


Markman provides specialized consulting services of high quality to the Danish industries. Markman offers a wide range of relevant student for students in most major cities - right now you can search an exciting student in the employment field in Copenhagen and Odense: Student in employment in Copenhagen Student field of employment in Odense


VKAREN.dk is an employment agency in Odense, which mediates a variety of temping jobs, student jobs and full-time jobs for students, graduates and all job seekers. Right now offers VKAREN.dk a temporary job in Odense V: Students warehouse job in Odense Vest sought

Business Result TM

Business Result TM is a company operating in the B2B market. Right now seeking Business Result TM adept meeting book in Copenhagen. Professional meeting book search

TM Partner

TM Partner operates mainly in the Danish telecommunications industry and are constantly looking for students for a variety of telemarketing job. Student at TM Partner


ISS is one of Denmark's largest companies and offers student and graduate student in telemarketing, administration, finance, human resources, payroll and sales. Student job at ISS