Take good care of your dog even if you are at SU

Take good care of your dog even if you are at SU

It may well be tight with the economy when you are at SU. You must always prioritize strictly between what you have to buy. There will probably only be advice for the most needed during periods. But even though it may well be a bit acidic in relation to your budget, sometimes a little extra should be afforded.

If you have a dog, then it is also important that you give it something sensible to eat and that you get it activated daily. At least the last thing doesn't have to cost a lot.

Also give the dog some toys

Dogs love toys, and they should preferably have something that is their own. It gives the dog peace of mind and it gives him something to play with. Also, the dog will be better off leaving your stuff if it has its own dog toy .

You may well find some dog toys at some very reasonable prices. However, preferably choose something that has a certain shelf life so that the dog can play with it for a long time before you have to buy something new for it.

Choose some good dog food

A dog thrives best on dog food. It should be some feed that is tailored to its age and type. It should also include all the nutrients the dog needs. Then you may well supplement with some goodies once it has earned it.

You should make sure there is enough room in your budget for you to give your dog some quality feed. When it does, it is completely covered both in terms of satiety, vitamins and minerals in the right composition.

With the right sense of both finances and quality, it doesn't have to overturn your student budget that you have a dog.