Change insurance and save money

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You can save yourself a lot of money by switching insurance company!
There are countless opportunities for insurance within Denmark, but what they offer and at what price varies from company to company. This means that you can save money by choosing the insurance that best suits your needs.

Your insurance helps you when disaster strikes

Insurance is something that everyone should have. Insurances are available in many different versions, but common to them all is that they give you a financial security when you need it most.

Will you be exposed to theft, burglary, injury or another, compensates your insurance you for a large part of the amount you have lost.

How do the various insurances me?

As mentioned earlier there are a lot of different options for insurance in Denmark. There can be large differences in what assurances the individual need, and this confuses often many. For what assurances do you actually need?

Below you can read more about some of the most popular types of insurance offered here at home.

accident Insurance

- Accident insurance is one of the most important insurance for everyone. This type of insurance protects you against financial consequences of cases involving personal injury. With a accident you will often be able to get paid treatment of any disorders that have occurred because of an accident.

In addition, accident insurance also compensation for death, which means that your nearest receives compensation in case of death by accident.

Home Insurance

- The contents insurance means that you and your family can feel safe in the home. This type of insurance provides you and your loved ones the opportunity to get compensation in case of fire, burglary, theft, vandalism, and more.

Most places covers contents policy additionally for holidays, so you can travel safely and well without worrying about a large bill for any medical help.
The contents insurance also provides compensation in case of sudden damage. This could be, for example in the event that you fall and your glasses break.

Auto Insurance

- If you are a car owner, then liability insurance compulsory. Liability insurance covers any damage you may cause to other traffic.

Automobile insurance can also be extended to many other costs, such as roadside assistance, or the like.

Check whether you can save money on your insurance

Many Danes are thinking not so much about the price of their insurance, even though they should. There is huge savings if you check the market carefully. Most people can namely save over 3,000 a year on their insurance. However, it can be very difficult to examine the insurance market.

You can free of charge and without obligation find out whether you can save money on your insurance by filling in the form at the bottom of the page. It only takes two minutes to complete the form, and all you have to do is tell us about your current situation.

Then through Monera in cooperation with Globe Insurance agents your insurance needs, and so they are presented you the best deal for your needs.