Watch American Netflix with VPN and save money as a student - here's how you do it

Watch American Netflix with VPN and save money as a student - here's how you do it


There are more and more people starting today to use the extra feature you can get with a VPN, by watching US Netflix with VPN where you can access far more movies and vacations, and have the option of getting cheaper Netflix subscriptions because the US Netflix costs a lot less than the Danish does. But what is VPN definitive and why does it make you watch American Netflix? We will take a closer look at this.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and, in effect, means that you can connect to a virtual network where your own traffic on the Internet is routed through and in this way it will be the VPN service's IP address that is displayed and thus not your own. That way, your own IP address is hidden on the internet and you can browse the internet completely anonymously without being afraid of people seeing where you come from.

Which VPN is the best VPN?

The best VPN is the VPN that best fits your needs and your needs. When you need a VPN connection, everyone has their different causes, and here it really depends on who it is. If you would like to stream Netflix through a VPN then there are some requirements such as that there is an IP address in the US / America, and if you are on holiday and would like to see Danish streaming services, then your requirements are that you must be able to access an IP address in Denmark. You can see a top 5 with some of the best VPNs here where you can become much more smart about what things to look for when choosing a VPN solution for your needs.

Here's how to watch American Netflix with VPN

Here's a mini guide on how to watch American Netflix today.

  1. Go to here and find a VPN
  2. Buy VPN and log in to an IP address in America / USA
  3. Create a Netflix subscription while logged in to your IP address in the United States.
  4. Now you can log in to American Netflix.

We hope it helps you get started watching American Netflix.