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Sell ​​your used iPhone and get air into your budget

Sell ​​your used iPhone and get air into your budget

Is it a little penetrated with the money? Many are just left home and began to study, so it can be a little hard to get it all to hang together so completely economically. There are many things to spend money on. The latest iPhone has just come on the market and planned night out with friends. The temptations are many, but unfortunately you are on a tight SU-budget.

There may be light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps you have an old iPhone lying in the drawer, because you have switched to a new and better model. Or maybe you go around dreaming about replacing your current to the latest model.Sælg it! It is as simple as it sounds. There are many places online where used iPhones are being bought for incredibly good prices, and we need to talk about today.

Here you get the most for your used iPhone

To be included in the analysis dealers must inform about the requirements for each category of the phone's condition. In addition, prices could be found online.

The indicative price for mobiles that "works" refers to two fixed prices for either a "well used" or "neat and well maintained" iPhone.

As you can see from the table above, it is of course the latest models that provide the best payment.

Nevertheless, all 400 kroner for a faulty iPhone 5S. You can even get up to 1,300 kroner for a functioning 5S'er. It can really give you a little room in the budget if it is to have fun on the weekend, get a new delicious iPhone, or just so you do not eat pasta and ketchup throughout the month.

However, there are some things you should be aware of before you sell your iPhone:

6 things you need to remember before you sell your iPhone

  • Make a backup of data with iCloud or iTunes
  • Delete your iCloud account from your old iPhone
  • Log out of iMessage and FaceTime
  • Log out of iTunes and App Store
  • Reset all your content

○ Settings> General> Reset> erase all content and settings.

  • Unsubscribe your iPhone

Now, when you've got a little room in the budget from the new capital injection after selling your iPhone, it's time to see if you are paying too much for mobile subscription. Go therefore into and see if you can save a little extra each month.