How to get used to an adult life with a garage and water hose

How to get used to an adult life with a garage and water hose


In Denmark we have compulsory schooling, which means that the vast majority of Danes have in one way or another received a primary school education. However, many people choose to continue, and today there is a rather large portion of the youth who spend up to the first 30 years of their lives getting their dream education.

Of course, this means that we get an incredibly intelligent and well-educated youth, but it also means that there are adult people who have been able to self-identify as students for almost 30 years. Therefore, it can also be a huge upheaval when you suddenly have to go into adulthood, where you can no longer be defined as students.

A upheaval from student life

Suddenly, you have to find a job, you have to find an identity outside the studio, and not least you have to find friends. You are no longer forced into situations where friendships simply arise. Something that the most difficult thing for this demographic, however, may be reconciling with adulthood. For many, this is also the period in life when they need to find a spouse, move in and perhaps even start having children.

Something as basic as being suddenly able to afford and having the opportunity to have a garden can be foreign. However, it's just about taking advantage of it. For many, the garden is actually a haven where they enjoy spending time after a hard week of work. If you finally got a house and after a long career as a student, it may well be worth spending some time making it nice and nice to spend time in. You can do that by hitting it often so that it looks well maintained out, just as it can also decorate with a few flower beds, a terrace or even a vegetable garden. However, there are also a lot of little things that you rarely remember getting, if you are not used to having a garden. For example, a water hose is indispensable for keeping your garden tidy and fresh.

Many ways to spend his time

Fortunately, living with a nice garden and a home-made garage is by no means necessary to feel like an adult. If the practicality is not just you, there is actually much else you can do to help you find your new found identity. Among other things, you can become part of a community, be it a sport, your local church or a hobby you've always dreamed of.

As mentioned earlier, life outside the study is also a life where you may not naturally come into contact with a great many like-minded or peers with whom you can form friendships. Therefore, these kinds of communities can also be hugely important to your social life and your identity formation.

Of course, a completely third and fairly obvious way to make friends and obtain an identity is to head into the job market. After all, that's what you've been training for the past several years. Unfortunately, it often happens that the first job is not necessarily the dream job. However, this does not in any way mean giving up.

The dream job doesn't just come dumping. It's something you have to fight hard for. Ultimately, however, it is largely you who decides where you want to put your time and energy and where you want to find your identity. There is no one who says it should be on the job. It may as well be in the garden or in the community with friends.