How to choose your career after graduation

How to choose your career after graduation

If you have just become a student, you should first and foremost give a big and sincere congratulations. Three hard years have passed, and you are definitely asking the same question as all students are forced to consider at some stage: what should I do now?

Even though the student degree is the end of three hard and rewarding years, it's in many ways just the beginning for the rest of your life. It is now you must choose the way in your life and now you need to figure out what you want to work with.

There are many ways free choice on all shelves - especially if you are one of the students who scored a two-digit average. It opens up a lot of doors for you, and it's almost only yourself that limits what you can become.

There are plenty of education opportunities, and whatever you want to work with people, securities, something physical or something else, the possibilities are open to you after you graduate.

In this article, we will look into two of the opportunities that a lot of students are looking far behind, because most of the opportunity is to earn really good money in these two areas.


Economics is an education you can read at the major universities around the country. When you are done as an economist, you get the title cand.polit (from the University of Copenhagen) or cand.oecon (from Aarhus).

That title suddenly opens up a lot of doors for you, and you have already noticed how much is being spoken about economists. It's no coincidence and there always seems to be a lack of skilled economists so it's a great education to take if you want to earn good money and find it easy to find a job.

One of the positions you can apply when you are an economist or have studied education at, for example, CBS, which focuses on economics, is an equity trader or investor. You can work for an investment fund or a pension company where you have the opportunity to sit and trade in shares.

If you are in doubt about what stock trading is exactly about, then we can recommend this share trading guide , which is very educationally reviewing all that you need to know about trading in stocks.



Jurassic is another education that is very focused on and when you are done here, you get the title cand.jur., Which in daily talk is called a lawyer.

As a lawyer you can start working with law, but if you want to be a lawyer, you will need a further education in three years. This education is taken from an actual law firm where you work as a clerk and are allowed to dive into the exciting law and deal with cases - the practice of a lawyer.

It is, therefore, a kind of training in becoming a lawyer that you must go through. You can read this guide to becoming a lawyer to get all the details and find out if this is the right way for you to go.