Here's how to get around the city easily

Here's how to get around the city easily


If you live in one of Denmark's major study towns, then you have probably already found that you can have difficulty getting around. Maybe it is due to road work, traffic or something completely third. Read here and get our tips on how to easily get around the center of your studio.


It doesn't get any easier or cheaper than walking. However, this is not always the quickest solution. So if you have a good time, you can easily take advantage of walking and enjoying your surroundings at your own pace.


It hardly comes as a surprise to you, but the bike is one of the best means of transport when you need to move around. Besides being easy to handle, you also get exercise when you use it. You can even skip the ride in fitness even after a day of many small or long bike rides with good conscience.

Electric scooter

They are hard to avoid in the long run, and you've probably seen electric scooters around the center. Electric scooters are a smart way to get around. It's easy, and unlike the bike ride, you avoid getting sweaty when you have to go fast from A to B.