How do you succeed as a volunteer

How do you succeed as a volunteer

We have collected some advice on how to get started as a volunteer alongside all your other daily activities.

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1. Consider what you want

Want to help the world or your community? Want to build your skills, make new friends or learn something new? Want to share your skills with others or do you give back to your community? By examining these types of questions you will very easily be able to determine what type of volunteering that is right for you.

2. Select an organization that makes sense

If you love literature, for example, become a volunteer at your local library, or if you like to shake people together to find out if there is an organization of volunteer tutors in your area. There are lots of organizations who are doing all kinds of work, and it is especially important with volunteer work that you choose something that creates value for you.

3. Look for local organizations and like-minded

While there are many large global NGOs, start out small and inspect your immediate environment - an obvious place to start is at your university. Here you have access to student organizations and can easily get in touch with those who stand for it. Here you will find like-minded students who also have to make assignments and studying for exams, so they are aware that you also have responsibilities at the volunteers.

4. Generalist or Specialist

Sure, you can challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone and learn many different things as voluntary, but your volunteer work must be compatible with your personality. If you are very outgoing, you might not think that a back-office job where you have to stuff envelopes or file documents is the funniest. On the other hand, you will probably think it is unpleasant to have to promote the organization of events, if you are not so good at meeting new people.

5. Volunteering is for everyone!

Do you love working with people, animals, children or with numbers? Are you good at practical work or do you love to write or speak? Organizations need all kinds of skills - so find out what you can. Are you not sure what you like, you can volunteer to be a good opportunity to test it out.

6. We all have time to volunteer work!

If you already have a busy schedule, offer your time for 1-2 hours a week or perhaps one day a month.

7. Try it!

Do some research and style a lot of questions to voluntary organizations, but until you sign up as a volunteer and get your hands into the dumpling dough, you're not going to know if it is an appropriate organization for you. So go ahead, sign up and try it out!