How to afford luxury at SU

How to afford luxury at SU

When you are at SU, you rarely afford luxury. Whatever this is a hairdresser, hotel stay with wellness or a delicious dinner. These things are hard to afford , as one's SU often does not go so far. However, there are a few tips on how to easily afford these things as students.


Have a wellness evening with your girlfriends

Although a walk in the spa, followed by a delicious massage sounds delicious, there is also nothing like a good time of self-pampering at home. Hiv grab the girlfriends, buy some cheap face masks, a foot cream and various small snacks and pretend you're at a spa. Although it may not be the same experience as being a true wellness, you are sure to have a nice evening where it feels like pure luxury.


Be your own hairdresser

Going to the hairdresser can be a very expensive game, and therefore not just as a student can afford to do as often as you might wish. One way you can save money on these haircuts is to cut yourself. Maybe you're handy with a scissor, or just want to cut your worn tips. Instead, if you want luxury with a real hairdresser , maybe because you have saved money for this, you can get a cut at ladies & gents. Here you are sure of a range of luxury with delicious products.

For dinner at

Do you want to come out and eat delicious 3 course food with your friends? So make your own dinner at. Be more people and shop together, and you can save yourself, because it's cheaper to buy bigger and distribute the price between you. As you are more to spit, the budget is bigger and you can therefore find some delicious food that fits into your SU budget.