How to afford fat fashion clothes as students!

How to afford fat fashion clothes as students!

If you are currently a student, your finances may be under pressure. The SU may not extend much longer than the rent and a week's consumption of food, and the job may not give enough clues to the fact that you can immediately upgrade the wardrobe as often as you just go and want it. If you can not recognize this, then there is happily "light at the end of the tunnel" - in this article, we will try to give you some tips on how to afford something new fat fashion, even though your CV says "student" .

Tip # 1 - Shop online and save money!

Are you a young student, you have definitely tried to shop online before. On the net, you have the opportunity to browse through a handful of shops and compare prices, delivery terms, etc. In other words, it is up to you which store you want to spend your money at. It may be a little harder with physical stores - you're limited to an area, maybe not quite a lot of shops, and the shops that are finally there may not have any clothes that fall into your taste.

In addition, online stores (all else equal) have fewer costs than physical stores, thus reducing the price of the item. It is often seen by electronics - and is not an unknown phenomenon in the clothing industry.

Tip # 2 - Remember the possibility of payment

In recent years it has become extremely popular to pay off their products on installments. Services such as ViaBill allow you to pay for example a t-shirt of 3, 6 or 12 months with low weekly / monthly benefits. It can be a very good way to spread its expense - but we recommend that you control your finances before using such a method. If the payments are not timely, there will be additional fees and additional interest, and then the scam will drop a bit!

Many people know about the possibility of paying for, for example, mobiles and computers, but the few know that it is also possible, for example, on a t-shirt that costs just 149 DKK.

One of the online men 's shops where you have the option to pay via ViaBill is STYLED .

Tip # 3 - Trade with your friends and save your shipping!

Should you have found any clothes on a website that does not offer free shipping (unless purchased for at least DKK 499, for example), you may want to go along with a few companions to buy on the given website. That way, you can easily save the 30-60 SEK freight, which may equally be used for an extra beer for the Friday bar - maybe you can even find a discount code that can be used on the website?

Tip # 4 - Think ahead - can it be sold?

Sales of used clothes have been boomed in recent years. Therefore, thinking about a little while when buying clothes is a good idea. Most of us reach at a point when we get tired of the clothes - so you can rightly ask yourself whether you think the clothes can be sold again in half a year when the wardrobe needs to be refurbished . For example, a pair of jeans can be sold well if they are watched (gentle wash where the color is not faded), where t-shirts can be a little harder - especially white, as they are almost impossible to keep clean.

Often one will also look at what brand the clothes are - highend goods are, all else being equal, easier to sell again than no-name clothes that have not cost a lot at the first trade.