SDE develops hairdressing talents

SDE develops hairdressing talents

At Southern College (SDE) develops the hairdresser students' talents as part of the school's strategy.
Both evening and weekend is on the table when students at hairdressing training coach for the school team in konkurrencefrisering. Students are offered extra hours in the discipline to improve their skills. Students at konkurrencefrisering are constantly in competition with themselves and colleagues. When to be made school teams for national and international competitions, organized by the School a competition where they find the best talents in hairdressing students. "Even if the student does not immediately have a special talent, it's hard work and training that develops a hairdresser," says teacher Steen Nedergaard for Quality patrol when the visiting Southern College in Odense and elaborates: "The students who usually look best are the students who will continue to train. "

Set aside in the student club

Common for participants is that they all began their competition work on the basis of student club, where those who want to cultivate konkurrencefrisering can participate. Student Club helps students who are not competitive accustomed to getting started with konkurrencefrisering. "Many students consider it a sport - like I do. Some play football, others go to bingo. I have fun in their spare time to train competition hairdressers, "says Steen Nedergaard. At the last World Championships in Paris won the student team from Southern College a silver medal and the school has won DM five times.

Development of student skills

The school focuses on developing the student's personal and creative skills during the training process. When students standing side by side and work, they are different hairstyles often debated and developed. Although the focus is on konkurrencefriseringen to the training, students are also better for the more common salon work. It often proves to companion tests, in which several of the medal winning students have trained konkurrencefrisering. In order to raise the national standard of the Danish hairdressers, has Southern College partnered with the international organization, Organisation Mondiale Coiffure (OMC). It helps them to attract international hairdressing names that inspires and brings new momentum to the subject.

A common training evening in Odense

In hairdressing room trained there on time. All are concentrated and in competition with themselves and the clock. 13 are met for training. Not every coach with the same competition as the goal, as both VM and school competition is upon us here in the fall. Out of the 13 attendance trainer six with OMC World Cup as goals and six with Denmark Championship as goals. A single put not up to the competition this year, but coach to be better - and might participate next year. Birgitte Schjødt Nielsen top of its space to OMC World Cup also ensured the space for the World Cup in Skills.Birgitte has completed his apprenticeship. Here it was a silver medal, which honors. "It is definitely an added value for the time I spent on training," says Birgitte. Birgitte comes from a salon where competition is not a matter of course, but through student club, she has developed her talent. Medal The range is wide - among other things, Birgitte received: -Gold to school competition -silver to DM -Gold and bronze for Nordic championships -Winner of Skills Denmark -Gold and silver at the European Championships Simon started his apprenticeship in the school training, but is now an apprentice in a salon, where they are supporting him, although there is no tradition of competition work. Salonen has chosen to close, while the World Cup, and follow with Simon. "I grow konkurrencefrisering because it is fun and gives a lot academically and socially. We're a team, when we are out. "Simon has won a silver medal at the World Championships, gold and silver at the Nordic Championships and silver and bronze at the European Championships. Musette enter a contest for the first time. She is trained in a year, and has over the years tried to get a spot on the team for the school competition. Unfortunately, without success. It did not stop her from continuing the club. This year she qualified directly to OMC World Cup. "Suddenly I moved wildly. It's so good to finally be with when you have trained for so long, "said Musette.

Facts about Quality Patrol

Quality Patrol visiting all the country's vocational schools for the period 2010-2012 for the dissemination of knowledge and experience and inspire schools to share knowledge across. The goal is to create better business education. Quality Patrol is created as part of efforts to strengthen vocational education reputation and is part of the Agreement on multi-year agreement for the tertiary education in the period 2010-2012 between the government, the Social Democrats, the Danish People's Party and Social Liberals. Source:rtalenter.aspx "target =" _ blank ">