Record-breaking number of students at KU

Record-breaking number of students at KU

For the fourth consecutive year, a record number of students look forward to starting their education at the University of Copenhagen. 7358 aspiring young people received July 30, 2012 a letter with the offer of a study place at Copenhagen University - an increase of 4.3 percent compared to 2011.

Training Service at the University of Copenhagen has been busy over the weekend. Never before has there been packed and sent so many letters to answer to young people who have applied to start training at the university. This year the entire 7358 candidates offered a study.

- University of Copenhagen offers 361 more places for undergraduate admission than last year, and since 2010 the University has increased the capacity with a total of 687 student places. It contributes significantly to that more applicants are offered admission. But applicants broader search helps that a record number of applicants have been educated desire at the University met, says studio boss Claus Nielsen.

Applicants are realistic

Especially programs at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Life Sciences is popular among the young in years, but also the Faculty of Humanities have offered more student places than ever. The total number of admissions increased by 4.3 percent compared to 2011, when 7,040 applicants were offered admission.

- In general, one can say that applicants are getting better and better to look broadly and in addition, the youth also a more realistic picture of what courses they have good opportunities to be admitted to, explains Claus Nielsen.

Studio Manager can simultaneously report that there is a relatively large increase in the quotients of quota 1, where 90 percent of those studied recorded. The highest rate available on the Molecular Biomedicine, where you have to have 11.7 on average to be admitted. Then come Political Science, Medicine, Anthropology and Psychology, all of which have a quotient of 10.9. Humanities subjects like Literature and Film and Media Studies also requires a high cut with a grade point average of 10.5.

- It must be remembered that the quotients are affected by the rule about the bonus for quick start, giving applicants who seek admission within two years after they have completed their qualifying examinations, the right to adjust their grade point average of 1.08, explains Claus Nielsen.

Fewer seats

In line with the previous year follows the trend with a larger number of recorded also a smaller number of seats available on the university's undergraduate programs. Taken together, the available approximately 2 percent of the university's capacity.

But there is still the opportunity to apply for 19 of the university's 80 programs. One can from today see all available on the website and August 2 invite University of training bazaar where education with availability presented to potential applicants.

See Copenhagen University's enrollment from this and previous years and the Coordinated Enrolment key figures for the whole country .