Travel with merit in the backpack

Travel with merit in the backpack

17-year-old Nanna Dalgaard from htx in Hillerød got an experience of a lifetime when she was in New Zealand on a placement. A stay as she got credit for, before she left.
In Christmas 2008 flew Nanna Dalgaard to New Zealand to go to school for half a year. Education stay on the other side of the world is part of her three-year HTX program. And because she has taken the opportunity to advance credit for training abroad, the stay is not extended her education in Hillerød.

Home School engagement is important

It was with the help of education superintendent Vibeke Johnsen that Nanna was given advance credit for training placement abroad. And Vibeke explains that it was the differences in subjects and levels between htx in Denmark and school in New Zealand, which was the biggest challenge in Nanna's advance credit. "It is clear that Nanna could not get credit for the subjects of Danish and social studies. But we have assessed that she has plenty of time to catch up, since she has been away for 1 g rather than 3 g, "says Vibeke Johnsen. Education Principal stresses, however, that the process to ensure advance credit requires commitment from the school. "It is important to show a great willingness from the school. I knew that the rules have been changed so that it is now possible to give credit for upper secondary education abroad, and in this regard I believe that it is important not to stand in the way when students turning good ideas. Therefore, it should of course be tested. I believe it is important that home school show a great commitment, "says Vibeke Johnsen.

"Should go in uniform every day"

The stay in New Zealand has given Nanna an insight into a different culture. A culture which characterizes the school system in New Zealand. And according to the 17-year-old HTX-student has been fruitful to learn a new school system to know. "It was a fantastic experience. The culture of New Zealand is very different than the Danish. It was among other things a little game that I should go in uniform every day, and I also had to get used to prosecute teachers Mr. and Miss. But students and teachers were all very sweet, so it was really easy to find their feet, "says Nanna, who represents the school system in New Zealand as more traditional than the Danish.

"The stay has strengthened me a lot"

In addition to souvenirs Nanna filled travel bag with professional knowledge, social relationships and personal development. "I've really learned a lot. Also on myself. Of course I am much better at English, and I generally feel that I have much easier on many things after I get home. The tour has also given me a lot more confidence, and so I've got lots of new friends. So stay in New Zealand have strengthened me a lot, "says Nanna, who still have contact with several of his friends from New Zealand.


By government decision from 2007 showed that students in secondary schools should be better able to take parts of their education abroad. Since December 2007, students in secondary schools had the opportunity to get advance credit if they complete secondary education abroad. The condition is that the Danish home school can approve the content and level of the foreign training, the student must follow. Source: Ministry of Education