Personalize your student residence easily!

Personalize your student residence easily!

Are you and must move away from home for the first time, and do you lack some tips on how to personalize your student residence in an easy way? Or maybe you have already moved away from home, but just want to make the decor of your student home more personal, without having to spend a lot of money, which may not be possible at SU. One way to easily personalize your student residence is to add posters to your décor. Although a poster sounds banal, it can really make a big difference in your interior design and give your student home a whole new look. Read on in the article here to find out how you can easily use posters in your interior.


Take advantage of your empty wall

Even though your student residence may be quite small, you will undoubtedly have a place where an empty wall might need to be popped up with a poster. has a large selection of posters, which makes it possible to choose a poster that falls just in your style so that your home is made personal. For example, it may be that you like animals, good quotes, colorful pictures or something completely fourth, so all this is possible at Minida. If you are for the more childish aspect, then there is also a selection of children's posters that might be for you. Only the imagination sets limits when you have to personalize your home with various posters from

If you have a large empty wall, you have the option of choosing from the range of large posters that can truly revitalize your student residence. An example to you is choosing world map posters that are not only educational and attractive, but can also be personality if you are the traveler type. World Map Posters are available in either color or black and white, so you can choose what is best in your style.

Show where you come from

It may also be that you have moved to a big city in connection with your new study, but want to honor your hometown. You can do this in your interior design by choosing a poster over your city. At you can find both posters for Aalborg, Køge, Esbjerg, Randers, Sønderborg, Aarhus, Vejle and many more. In this way you can personalize the decor with posters and at the same time remember where you come from.


Choose something that fits your study

One last way you can choose to be personal in the decor with posters is to choose posters to suit your study. If you read something scientifically, you can advantageously check out the "science" category. If you read media science or other films, you can check out the "movies" category. Or you may be reading a cook, then you can choose from the category "kitchen", which contains several study-relevant images.

It is only creativity that sets limits when you have to decorate your student residence with posters. You have ample opportunity to personalize your decor with the help of posters. We hope that this article has given you inspiration for the design of your student residence.