Looking for your first car?

Looking for your first car?

"Skeptical" tips for the first-time buyer


If you live far from your educational institution, it can be a hell of a stress to reach the train or bus on the early, dark winter mornings - so either to experience delays or sigh, to arrive half an hour too early, because the departures match your schedule bad. Many studies also show that if you spend more than 45 minutes on transport each way, there are good chances that you are generally dissatisfied and frustrated with your life in everyday life.


In short: It's just wonderful to have free choice of your own transport and you don't get too much trouble when you first get a car. So are you about to take a driving license, or are you lucky enough to already have the driver's license in the back pocket, may this spring be really the beginning of your life as a motorist?


The first car is something very special - but it should also be a really good, special experience! We are therefore giving some advice on how to become more skeptical about the wild car market, so that you get a successful car purchase and your first quad bike ...

Know your car needs - and stick to it!

First-time car buyers usually go for a used car of good condition, for a cheap money - surprise! Like most students, you do not exactly have a bulky coffin under the bed like Pippi Longstocking - and the choice therefore falls naturally on a sensible, used car. But here too, prices can be high - especially for popular models that are in good condition. If you fall in love with a particular model or have a favorite car brand, you may tend not to work so rationally.


Car purchases should not be compared to buying branded products in computers or clothing. If you make the mistake of looking for superficial things such as appearance or fire, you can end up making your choice from completely irrelevant factors - and it can be expensive both in money and in trouble. So, keep 100% to the practical needs you have, and do not deviate from your real-life requirements for your car and your maximum price, just because it's a great scoop!


Be skeptical!

As with so much else, one can easily be lured by salespeople on the private market - especially if they are experienced sellers who have a lot of used cars in the backyard:

"It just lacks a little paint over one rear wheel and you can easily throw in a new back seat - it won't cost more than a few hundred pieces! Well, and the exhaust, it fixes most mechanics almost free! ”


Ah, really ?! Probably not! So, rather put a larger amount from the start to a car of sensible condition and buy only from private sellers with whom you have a good stomach feeling. Tackle it with the amount for the payout, so check out well in advance what is the best car loan for you so you can turn on immediately as you scoff a solid deal.


Good hunting and remember to be skeptical - both to your own high flying dreams and insidious car salesmen!