On vacation with science

On vacation with science

Young talents learn to communicate their knowledge on Science Show Camp. In this way they can become ambassadors for science. At the same time they meet other young people interested in science.
"I guess, die another day." Refrain from Madonna's title song for the movie James Bond heard clearly in the room Soro. The scratchy slightly. With small intervals are short outages in the music, but the bass buzz decisively. Using electromagnetism has three boys got a balloon to act as a speaker that can play music. The experiment is part of the Science Show Camp, which takes place during the Easter holidays at the Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Knowledge Centre in Sorø. Over three days, 12 high school students with talent for science to perform trials with sound waves and chemical mixtures, so they can become ambassadors for science in their own schools.

Learn to share knowledge

The camp must give students the tools to communicate their knowledge in an exciting way. This will be done through chemistry and physics show where students can show explosive and colorful attempts, while also talks about the theory behind the experiments. She adds talent manager at the center. She says that they have had professional out to show how participants must make chemistry and physics show, and in addition has been visited by a communications agency, which has taught students how to act on stage. "By showing the shows they may help to sell science. Being good at science is not cool in the same way as if one is in the national team in football. But we will try to do, "she says. One of the students at the camp is the 18-year-old Nicholas West Mountain from Slagelse Gymnasium. He is happy that he has chosen to spend part of his vacation in Soro. "I thought it would be cool to get some ideas that I can take home and use in school. And I think that I've got, "he says and explains that he especially fascinated by working with electromagnetism.

Talents meetings talents

There has been great interest in participating in the camp. This is because according to she adds that the center offers professional challenges that suits the young talents' level. She also points out that young people have the opportunity to meet others with the same interests as they have. Although it is primarily natural science students have in common, there is also room for anything else. Outside the physics lab are social events like Draw and Guess and evening relaxation at the hotel.

Ending with a bang

The last day the students from Science Show Camp perform their physics and chemistry show. It happens in front of a panel of judges and students from another camp on the knowledge center where lower secondary students attend. The event is a good dress rehearsal before several of the young talents may get the chance to show their show for their fellow students. Source: Ministry of Education