Overview of IT tools for AMU participants with literacy problems

Overview of IT tools for AMU participants with literacy problems

Read the text aloud or support to write. Participants in labor market training (AMU) with reading and writing difficulties can now download IT tools to help in the new publication from the Ministry of Education.
Up to a third of the labor market training (AMU) participants have varying degree difficulty reading and writing. Perhaps because skills have rusted a bit due to lack of use - or because of dyslexia or bilingualism.

IT support for reading and writing

There are plenty of IT-based services and tools that make it possible to support the participants. New publication from the Ministry of Education provides teachers and managers an overview and introduction to using the funds. In the publication, "It aids in AMU - support for participants with literacy problems" discusses the various options for using programs and program packages. For example, the ability to scan text into and have them read aloud, dictate text to your computer, create their own dictionaries, put sound to images and more. Some are free, and the second must be purchased.

Tips for teacher and leader

There are also tips to the teacher about how the material that the teacher produces itself, can be so easy to use for learner as possible. It is the teacher and the educational institution to be familiar with the various IT-based services and tools. Source: UVM