New tool shows the way to vocational training

New tool shows the way to vocational training

Which business schools offer office training? And how can young people training to be a bricklayer in the region Zealand? With the new tool, VET key, you can get an overview of provision for vocational training in the country.
VET key is a new tool for people who need an overview of where in the country you can read the training you want. VET key gives them a complete view of business schools offering of basic and main courses. The tool also shows whether the basic courses of the individual vocational college may acquire the specific skills required to start in a certain main course.

VET key in practice

A young resident in Nyborg and would like a clerical training can with the VET key to know that the entire program can be taken on TietgenSkolen in Odense or at Svendborg Business. The young are also told that it is possible to take the whole basic course in Nyborg and then take the rest of the program somewhere else. Furthermore, VET-key show that Slagteriskolen in Roskilde allows you to choose exactly the teaching of basic course food for people who needed to apply for admission to the main program Gastronom at Selandia in Slagelse.


Reusing data Tender information displayed in the VET key is based on the vocational colleges' reports to . By reporting in autumn 2009 were vocational schools indicate the competence linked to the basic course of each input it is possible to achieve at the individual school. These relationships are shown exclusively in the VET key. Source: Ministry of Education