Now the national tests evaluated

Now the national tests evaluated

Folkeskolens national test to be evaluated. The purpose of the evaluation is to look at whether the national test has functioned as an educational tool to improve students' academic level.

Pupils in primary schools go through their school complete 10 compulsory national tests in various subjects. The national test is a tool to evaluate students' knowledge and skills and thus give teachers an insight into the individual student's academic level.

Now the national tests evaluated. This is to ensure that tests, their use as an educational tool has strengthened the schools and municipalities evaluation culture and students' academic level - or there may be a need to change the tests.

Evaluation of the national test should be included in a report that Children and Education Christine Antorini in 2013 to submit to Parliament.

Evaluation The job is sent July 11, 2012 in the public tender offer period September 3, 2012.

The tender can be seen on .

Facts about the national test

The national tests have since 2010 been implemented as mandatory testing in elementary schools. There conducted annually approximately 525,000 mandatory testing. The tests shall be made available for both primary and independent schools on a voluntary basis. There conducted annually about 300,000 volunteers test.

There are ten compulsory national tests in mathematics, English, geography, biology, physics / chemistry and reading.