Natural science is grown in Bjerringbro

Natural science is grown in Bjerringbro

Midtjyske primary, high school students and their teachers have been given a House of Natural Science, a paradise where the inspiration from reality can develop their interest and talent for physics, chemistry and other sciences.
Penicillin, X-rays, cellophane and Velcro. All are important or useful, but the chance discovery stems from the work of science. Perhaps it will be in Nature conservation in schools, the next big discovery takes place or the seed of being laid.

Teaching and learning

2009 was a good year for science. In August attended Education Minister Bertel Haarder in the inauguration of the Mærsk McKinney Møller Knowledge Centre for Science in Soro. October 22 he declared that the House of Science for ready to use. This has created a good framework for that also primary and secondary level in Jutland have grown their interest and talent for physics, chemistry and other sciences. Their teachers who are house main target group can draw inspiration for the development of their daily training through courses and workshops as "Help! I've got nature and technology "or" Industrial enzymes in high school. "The project has been underway for six years and will function as an educational laboratory where new concepts for science education developed and demonstrated.

an eldorado

Bertel Haarder emphasized that there probably is no calling more on the important, creative ability than the natural sciences. "We have to do something extra - also to the talents allowed to unfold. Water conservation is a dream, a paradise for all those interested in science, "he said and praised the place good location with the company Grundfos on the one hand and Bjerringbro Gymnasium on the other. Teaching content retrieved as far as possible from the reality of actual companies and research. The cooperation shall Minister exemplary, and he hopes in the future to create a closer cooperation between businesses and education in Denmark. Businesses can thus scout talents among the young, while the young people learn what they are doing, can be used - also in the future.

Need more engineers, technicians and scientists

Group Chairman of Grundfos, Niels Due Jensen, was also at the inauguration and declared that the group is very pleased with the outcome. Niels Due Jensen is also Vice Chairman of the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, 'Grundfos Foundation', who have supported the project financially. "Danish companies simply need more engineers, technicians and researchers in science," he said of the decision to support the center.

successful cooperation

Mayor Johannes Stensgaard featured House of Natural Science as a good example of successful cooperation between local, regional and national authorities and the business community and the world of education. Chairman of House of Natural Science, Harald Mikkelsen, joined. "No one should doubt that this is a great day. It's a great day for the development of science and the science and technology component of the Danish educational sector, "he said.


Vision for Water conservation is partly to make it 'in' to deal with science and technology for teachers and students in primary and secondary education - as well as to create and strengthen cooperation between educational institutions, businesses and museums. Water conservation is an independent non-profit institution that 'lives' of fund mites and support from the business. That is partly built with support from Realdania, Viborg Municipality and Poul Due Jensen Foundation. Source: Ministry of Education