Science is about enthusiasm

Science is about enthusiasm

Professionals, students and Education Minister Bertel Haarder had been scheduled to Xciters-day in Experimentarium, where the minister, among others even got the opportunity to demonstrate their talent.
"Science education is for all." This is one of the Ministry of Education priorities, and several initiatives have been launched to strengthen the interest for recruitment to and quality of education in science, technology and health. Experimentarium has set the project Xciters started. It is an educational project where the idea is to promote interest in science and technology and to improve both the students as teachers' professional level and especially the ability to convey the professionalism of primary school. As the title suggests, it plays a significant role that pupils experience the enthusiasm of working with science.

Science secures the future

Education Minister Bertel Haarder visited the Experimentarium to help Xciters-day. He praised the initiative and highlighted among other things the role of projects as Xciters play in a larger perspective: "The children feel that science plays a crucial role when solving one of the biggest challenges facing humanity - namely to provide sustainable energy supply. And if you can arouse interest in energy technology with some of the brightest, then in the long term help to maintain Denmark's position as one of the leading countries in this field, "said Bertel Haarder in his opening speech.  ""

Minister on stage

It was not without apprehension that Bertel Haarder visited Experimentarium. According to the center's director Asger Hoeg it was about the 30th time, the minister came over and Bertel Haarder has previously been exposed to a little of everything: "When I come out here, I either pulled in the ears or radbrækkes," said Bertel Haarder at the end of speech with a smile. He added: "But I do like a good cause." The minister escaped when failed again. Four elementary school students from Kolding took the stage and demonstrated various småforsøg with flasks, candles and soap bubbles. Here was Bertel Haarder called on stage to estimate the temperature on some water. "I would say room temperature," was his response.  ""

Drop taboos

The conference was used by professionals to discuss how to ensure that students maintained their interest in science, and not least learn to show enthusiasm for the subjects to others. "It's a little taboo to say that you are good at science and not for example for football," said Sheena Laursen from Experimentarium development. "We need to help change this, and teachers play an important role in giving students a push." ​​The entire Experimentarium hall was also filled with young science enthusiasts who wear white coats were scientists for a day. Maybe the white coats their work uniform in the future. Source: Ministry of Education