Monaco - luxurious cycling paradise

Monaco - luxurious cycling paradise

Spread over its mere 2 km 2 , it is a wonder that the world's second smallest country offers such a rich and subtle nature. Most dominant are the area's mountain sides, where you will find ancient caves from pre-historic times and giant cactus gardens, which together with the azure Mediterranean, form a beautiful oasis-like backdrop to the country's famous luxury life. Everywhere there are also good and safe roads, which has made the country a popular destination for cycling enthusiasts with a taste for luxury.


After long days in the wonderful landscapes of the area, a city awaits, which is a playground for everyone with a cheerful soul. The streets are shining, luxurious car brands adorn the streets and people dress as if they were on their way to a party, even if it is just a fairly ordinary everyday life. Just over 20% of the country's inhabitants were born in Monaco, which has created a whole unique jet-setter culture, which characterizes the city's restaurants, bars and the famous promenade with yachts from all over the world. The culture has received international film advertising with Ocean's 12 and several James Bond films with Monaco used as a luxurious backdrop. However, there is also fine culture beneath this neat surface. Here, for example. lots of museums and galleries of wild and rebellious contemporary art and the country's symphony orchestra holding its concerts in the Auditorium Rainier III are considered one of the world's best of its kind. So there is plenty to be inspired by, and it was also in these streets that one of the 888 Poker founders, Aaron Shaked, was inspired to open an online casino and an online poker site.


In other words, it is a bit of a mythical destination that annually attracts more than 300.00 tourists. It may not sound like much, but with just around 40,000 inhabitants, here is one tourist per 9 inhabitants, which makes the country the most popular tourist destination per inhabitant in Western Europe. The most popular period to visit the country is the summer months, when the azure Mediterranean is clearest, but the mild climate also makes Monaco a popular holiday destination during the winter months. The most famous tourist attraction is the Casino de Monte Carlo, which the city's famous F1 race passes by. The casino also houses a theater, and locals are not allowed to use the casino, so at the entrance you must present a foreign passport to enter.


Many sports officials have settled in the city, and they count some of the absolute richest athletes in the world. A significant part of the F1 field resides in the country, including the field's two best drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The city also houses many tennis stars, including Danish Caroline Wozniacki and Scandinavia's biggest tennis name of all time, Björn Borg.


If you are in the surroundings of Monaco, you will not wonder why many rich athletes have made Monaco their home. Jetsetter and celebrity culture allow world-famous athletes to live a relatively anonymous life in the city. It is somewhat easier to remain anonymous when you are surrounded by luxury cars, famous restaurants and a luxurious port life. Considering how much hard work goes into being part of the world elite in sports with close, international competition, it is also great to enjoy your free time in a country with 300 days of sunshine and with plenty of opportunities for entertainment and luxury living.


But it is not just for a luxurious leisure time that a special group of athletes move here. According to the Monaco Tribune, if you look at the biggest names in cycling, they are often at home in Monaco. Here live e.g. sprinter and classic specialist Peter Sagan and Tour de France winners Chris Froome and Egan Bernal. In the streets of Monegasque we can also find slightly less exotic names, namely a large part of the Danish bicycle field. The city-state has in the last coupleyears e.g. been home to Jakob Fuglsang. Later, Michael Valgren and Søren Kragh Andersen also settled in the country. By the way, they often train together, so if you are lucky, you may come across all three of them during your bike ride in the area.


The many sunny days and mild climate mean that you can train almost every day. You are not just spoiled by ice, a sudden snowstorm or a gray climate that can make 200 km of country roads a sad pleasure. has compiled some of the best bike routes for the area. As you can see, the terrain is extremely diverse, and you can train for any race within a short drive from your home. There are steep mountain slopes, both in Monaco and the countryside around the neighboring city of Nice, along the Mediterranean coast the roads are straight and pancake flat and in Provence, Monaco's magnificent neighboring region, there are plenty of small, fast hills.


For an amateur, of course, it's not just about the practicality of the landscape. It is also about the aesthetic experience, but here Monaco is also a fabulous destination. Seeing the luxury city from the mountain sides that surround the country is a very special experience, as is the azure Mediterranean, and the luxury yachts and decorative buildings that are reflected in it. Add to that the magnificent Provence landscape that surrounds Monaco, known as one of France's most picturesque areas with its old rustic buildings and endless, purple lavender fields with a wild mountain landscape as a backdrop.


If your wallet is for that, then Monaco is one of the world's best cycling holiday destinations. It is a magnificent, opportunity to train in all kinds of terrains and enjoy luxurious pampering after many kilometers in the saddle!