Slight decrease in the number of internships

Slight decrease in the number of internships

The number of training places are declining, but the decline is smaller than in previous months. New political agreement should provide more places.
The number of internships has fallen over the past six years because of the financial crisis. The latest figures for the number of training show a continued decline. There is in the first three months reached 6,449 training contracts, representing a decrease of 21 percent compared to the same period last year. Looking at March isolated, there are only talking about a drop of nine percent compared to March 2008.

New political agreement on the placement area

On May 7, entered government, the Social Democrats, the Danish People's Party and the Social Liberal Party, a broad political agreement on a training package that will help to provide more places. The agreement includes several initiatives, including an internship prize of 16,000 kroner per praktikaf speech. The employer will have a monthly premium of 2,000 kroner a month, that is 6,000 kroner if the pupil is maintained in all probationary three months and 10,000 kroner if the student completes the probationary period for permanent employment. The employer may therefore get a subsidy of up to 16,000 kronor per student. In addition, a wage subsidy of 30 kroner per hour of trial for businesses that create new internship places in basic vocational training.

More outreach

Internship package also includes a reorganization of the grant for vocational schools internship outreach that is expected to mean that there will be paid 30 million more than under the current rules. In addition, set in motion a campaign with special focus on the internship outreach efforts. The parties to agree to work on identifying opportunities for strengthening training warranty and welcomes in this connection also on the school training. This is partly done with the involvement of the Council of the Basic Vocational Education. Source: Ministry of Education