Most health care for your money

Most health care for your money

New center at the university to conduct research into one of the most controversial political issues.
Does the free hospital as intended? What does the possibility for private health insurance? Can we get more quality for the same money? Items that typically need health economists to answer. Their task is based on a number of theoretical models to find out how we get the best health out of money.

Annual health care costs of 100 billion

In Denmark alone, we spend around 100 billion annually in health care costs. And over the next ten years, planned new hospital building for 40 billion, which is expected to create new debates on the structures and priorities.

New center with over 40 employees

University already have the Nordic region's strongest research in health economics, and now intensifies the university its efforts further. Thus opens a new center for health economics with over 40 employees assigned and the figure is expected to increase in the coming years. - At the University, we believe that there is a need to offer research of high international standard. Citizens' health is a welfare area, which will be under great pressure in the coming years. We want even more to relate to how health affects the economy and growth in society. And such is the situation in many countries, says Professor Mickael Bech, who will head the new center. The center will be called COHERE - Centre of Health Economics Research. It opens formally on 1 January. During the spring opening will be marked by a major seminar where a number of international profiles in health economics involved. Source: SDU