Join a union right now

Join a union right now

As a recent graduate and job seeker, it can be hard to convince yourself why it is a good idea to be a member of a union, but as soon as you get a job, it is actually really important to be a member of a union, and it is therefore a good idea to join a trade union, even while you are a student.

Why it is important to be a member of a trade union

Whether you are a student, a recent graduate, self-employed or an employee, it is really important to be a member of a trade union. Most people who opt out of being a union do so because it costs money to be a member, but the cost of being a union is really well spent when, for example, you want to negotiate wages with your employer.

The main purpose of the trade union is to protect your interests in the labor market. The rules for agreements and contracts, etc. can be difficult to navigate around, no matter how long you have been in the labor market. The employment contract is an agreement between you as an employee and employer, and this purpose is to ensure that both parties are in agreement with the applicable agreements on employment, termination and dismissal. It is usually also because of dismissal or dismissal that most people turn to their union. In this case, it is important that both parties comply with the employment agreement in question so that you are not cheated as an employee. Especially in cases of unfounded dismissal, it is important to have a trade union that can support your case.

Your union should be seen as a support that you can make use of in situations that you cannot or will not handle yourself. This applies, for example. also in negotiations for pay rise or better conditions in the workplace. With the help of your trade union, you have the opportunity to negotiate a better salary if justified. Whatever problems you may run into in the labor market, the union can help you with how these are best handled.

Which union should you choose?

We are so lucky that we have a great selection of unions and a great deal of freedom of determination. Ie That you choose which trade union you want to be a member of, as long as the trade union is relevant to your profession. Indeed, many unions are industry-specific, which is why it is important to choose a trade union based on the industry in which you are employed. Fortunately, there are many unions that are industry-specific within the same industry, so you still have some different unions to choose from. The freedom of determination also means that even if your workplace advises you to be a member of a particular trade union, you can freely choose whether you want to be a member of this or another.

It can be difficult to find around the selection of unions, fortunately has made it easier by gathering all unions in one place, so it is easier to see which unions to choose from. Here it is also possible to compare the different unions with each other, so that you can find the one that suits you best within your industry.