With a VPN, your privacy stays private

With a VPN, your privacy stays private

With a VPN, your privacy remains private, and you may also access websites that are otherwise limited geographically.


Following the Facebook scandal, you have generally started to become significantly more aware of how one's privacy is being treated online, and where one's sensitive information is stored. Every time you surf the internet, one's actions are followed, whether it's in the form of cookies or IP address tracking. However, the latter is not the typical one, but most people are actually surprised at how much information you leave, even if you just surf the Internet. Fortunately, there are software that can help keep your privacy private. With a Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) , it is possible to change its geographical IP address to a country other than the one in which it is located. This means that you can anonymously surf as you like, but also that you can access Websites that are otherwise limited to specific land borders.

How does a VPN work?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a piece of software that acts as a kind of intermediary between your IP address and the desired website's server. The middle line ensures that your data is not sent directly to the website server. A VPN server, also called a proxy server, has a 'false' geographic location. That is, if you use a VPN with a "false" geographic proxy server in America, you can visit the U.S. Netflix or other similar streaming services from your Danish IP address. Another advantage of this is that because your IP address is 'false' located somewhere in the world, it's also hard for unauthorized people to detect what you do on your computer and it's here that your privacy can remain private. VPN services provide full anonymity and it is a matter of appreciation for many users, since one's privacy, whether online or offline, has the right to be anonymous.

Pros and cons



The two biggest benefits are as described above, namely anonymity and the ability to visit all websites - regardless of country boundaries. However, you should be aware that if you have activated a VPN service, there are some Danish websites that are not visited if your geographical location is in another country. For example, be sure to disable your VPN service if you want to visit your e-Box.


Depending on the VPN service, you may risk that your internet connection becomes slower when your service is enabled. It has nothing to do with your ISP, but it is because it takes some time for your connection to connect to the proxy server and then the desired website. However, it's usually not the biggest problem if you just choose the right VPN service.

Our favorites


ExpressVPN provides complete anonymity as they do not save users data in some places. This service also has proxy servers in 145 locations - including 94 different countries. Additionally, ExpressVPN also does not have any of the above disadvantages, because this service is flashing fast and makes sure your internet connection does not get blunt. It sounds quite attractive, and the price is equally attractive. If you subscribed through Vpninfo.dk , you will receive three free months with your purchase, and the price will end on the extremely acceptable amount for 43 kr per month for the first 15 months. ExpressVPN has some extras that we have not seen on alternative VPN services. It's possible, among other things, to stream through your Smart TV, Apple TV, your Chromecast, or whatever you're using. This feature is quite unique to ExpressVPN, and it's a huge plus.

Private Internet Access is another of our favorites, and this service has proxy servers in 37 locations - including 25 countries. It's not the VPN service that has the widest range of locations, but the 37 locations are more than ample for the vast majority of users. What is also abundant for most users is the attractive price. The price for Private Internet Access is only $ 21.50 per month, and it is one of the cheapest services out there. However, your connection is not as flashy as it is with Express VPN, but it is still fast and should be enough for most.

Windscribe has the advantage that it is free to try. With a free trial, you have the opportunity to try out and conclude whether the service is sufficient for one or whether to continue its research. Windscribe even takes anonymity to the highest level, as this service does not require any personal information from you before you can use it - not even as much as an email address. When your trial period ends, you'll need to subscribe to a cost that's about $ 24 a month.

NordVPN is the last favorite we want to mention. With NordVPN you also have the opportunity to try the program, but you only have three days, but it should be ample to find out if this service is for you. The proxy servers are located in 61 countries, and the service costs you $ 18 a month if you subscribe to three years.

Decisions, decisions


Fortunately, it is possible to try out most VPN services before you need to spend a single penny. The above VPN services are all worth recommending, and in the end it's probably a taste of the individual. All services have different benefits, as we have also described.

A VPN service is a necessity for all who value anonymity and if you want to worry about. If you have a VPN service ready for your device, you may visit restricted websites. For example, if you are in the workplace or at school and you can not visit a particular website, just require opening your favorite service and thenThere is free surfing. The biggest advantage for us is access to otherwise limited streaming services. The American Netflix has a much larger selection than the Danish, and because it's not going to be a lie, you can easily use your Danish Netflix accounts for the American Netflix.