Life on SU

Life on SU

It can be hard to get SU to strike all month, but it is possible, if you make sure to maintain a cool overview. Domea magazine has spoken to two students who tell how they get the economic solitaire to pass up.

By Cecilie Larsen,

Line Nielsen and Dan Thorup are students staying in college and get both SU. They each started with their education, and has gradually some experience to balance a life on SU. The strategy is different. One puts budget, the other has a safety net. Common to both is that without planning is the wallet empty before last calendar day is reached.

Pasta with ketchup is passé

Line Nielsen is 22 years old, lives on Fårup- and Højager College and studying for primary school teacher at Jellinge College. Economics has never been particularly strong interest among Line, but the importance of a healthy economy is not to be sneezed at. She has been given a SU for nearly three years and have learned that it is a good idea to make plans for how state education grant spenderes.

- It is necessary to bestow its economy a thought or two, SU ranks barely, says Line. It is not a gastronomic life, the students live, but also establishes Line that life on SU is more than pasta with ketchup.

- It's about always having a number of basic foods in the kitchen cupboards and simultaneous not be tempted by skolekantinens hot dishes. On the way there may be room for dinner dishes of good quality.

One can just might call Line for an experienced student economist. For it is an art to afford the pleasures end of the month on a tight student budget. Therefore, one must be frugal and strategic.

- I am my own CFO. I've figured out how much I have to every week, and so do I always 100 kr. Of contingencies.

Financial safety nets

At Erik Green College in Haderslev lives 21-year-old Dan Thorup. He is a student at University College South Denmark, where he studies graphic communications in its second year. Dan has a slightly different approach when it comes to SU to strike - he has created for his own safety.

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