Live more brittle at SU

Live more brittle at SU

Use carrot instead of whip when saving

Oh… January! December's festive excesses return as a boomerang and a new semester begins, which often means giant book purchases and a slumpy account. On top of that, the tough New Year's resolutions that you put yourself: spend more time on the studio, spend less money, get in shape…

In other words, we tell ourselves: Tighten up and spend less time on fun, and more time boring!

But the road to success is not made of whip! It is, on the other hand, that you dedicate yourself to your challenge completely so that you do not feel deprivation - but get pleasure and reward at the changes.

A clear timeframe is also alpha-omega if you want to accomplish your goals: Set aside 4 weeks where you test a simple savings experiment, and set yourself a great gift for the amount you save. Why not try here in January?

A new food budget you can finely match with any new year's wish to get in shape - so yes, the answer is not Mother's lovely stew but your own vegetarian utensils! You save a gigantic amount by making all your food from scratch, because then you are covered both for dinner and you avoid the expensive sandwich in the canteen. And everyone can cook! Make easy salads with proteinaceous beans, lentils and brown rice or boil large portions of daal or chili's carne - you'll even save time not having to cook every day.

It is drastic amounts that you will save when you buy large quantities, only buy ingredients for simple vegetable dishes and for example baking your own bread. Can you do it for 4 weeks? Of course!

Now that you have said no thanks to boring freeze pizzas that have never seen a vitamin and greasy, expensive durum rolls for 4 weeks, then of course you should have your reward. But let the heck of running into the shopping labyrinth of bidding tricks, which entices you to spend more money, for example at volume discounts - why should you have two for one's price? Instead, buy your stuff online and use an Ellos discount code instead. You will find at least as good sales online as in the stores - and that is whether your reward is a new crisp look in your clothes, an update on the electronic front or a fresh breath in your decor!

Life on SU should not be one long economic desert walk. It's just about making the pleasantly simple frugal life a sport for yourself, where you continuously give yourself well-deserved and well-considered gifts.

Soon the reason is just on the backbone and you can laugh a bit of the world's absurdity: “Øøh, I do not give you 69kr because someone has blinded a banana and some frozen berries from South America and put them in a plastic cup with a logo on! ".