Concert with American Eve for only 50 kr

Concert with American Eve for only 50 kr

In collaboration with Studio city of Odense may Studenterhus Odense now offer a unique opportunity to join the academic year with an international music event.
All students will have the opportunity to experience the concert with the world famous HipHop and R & B star, Eve, for 50 kr. And thus can concerts at Amfiscenen completed with an extraordinary musical event on the magazine.

June 24

Kl. 22:00 - Doors open Kl. 23.00 - Concert with Eve Tickets to study price (50 kr.) Can be purchased d. June 24 at the Amphitheatre at. 15-21 and possible. Remaining tickets will be sold at the door on the magazine.


Want to be sure of a ticket you can book via e-mail: tickets are picked up on June 24 at Amfiscenen yet. 15-21.