Come to Halloween in Tivoli - if you dare!

Come to Halloween in Tivoli - if you dare!

Today (12 October 2012) launched Halloween in Tivoli Copenhagen. This also turns the already highly entertaining park to a fantastic universe of witches, pumpkin monsters, creepy snowballs and other funny / scary news.

The new ornaments made for Halloween in Tivoli consists among other things of the entire 19,600 pumpkins in all sorts of different sizes. The entertainment is provided, inter alia, the devious witches, living scarecrows and of course the Tivoli Garden.

Were not you scared?

So stay after hours. 18:00 Tivoli, where Purgatory is converted into Scary herring. Here you can meet the darker characters that Tivoli has presented to the public over the years.

However, be prepared for that here also is very intrusive apparition and various "surprises".

Otherwise, the rides open as normal.

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