It must be a lever for professionalism

It must be a lever for professionalism

With a debate on the use of IT in schools Minister of Education has taken the first step towards a new IT strategy in elementary school.
It must be a lever for professionalism in elementary school. Why did Education Minister Tina Nedergaard February 25 invited representatives from schools, municipalities, IT industry and academia to discuss the use of IT in schools. "We need an IT efforts that go forward. All students must be lifted, and with it we have a chance to lift the talented students much more, "said Tina Nedergaard at the meeting. The goal of the new IT strategy is that students need to become even better at all the classic subjects, while they must be prepared for a future where global competition imposes higher and higher demands on students' computer skills. Among those invited to Friday's theme discussion were also representatives from companies interested in IT strategy. Malte von Sehested from Gyldendal talked about how important it is to develop new learning tools for IT use. One must not only stop the books into the computer, it does not make them interactive computer learning tools.

Basis for new methods

According to the CEO of Microsoft Jørgen Badenfleth there with it the basis for new learning methods. He said in his presentation that the students at pilot schools actively use it to teach each other. According to Jørgen Badenfleth has especially boys, compared with girls, have not fared well in school, gained in confidence and improved academically because they have been allowed to organize small courses for each other. Teachers must dare to let go - and more than they are accustomed to, he said.

The classroom without walls and ceiling

Schools get with it unprecedented opportunities to break down barriers. The new classroom has no walls, said Jørgen Bardenfleth. There are opportunities to make learning pathways across municipal boundaries through IT, so that students can get help at exactly their level. In this regard, said Birgitte Holm Sørensen from the DPU, the Internet explodes curriculum, and students acquire knowledge about their grades. It is no longer enough to be good at using computers. Students should be able to understand to use IT tools to create solutions. "We are now in a world where it matters less and less where you live, and more and more of you are skillfully" says Mads Tofte, rector of the IT University of Copenhagen. "The Danish students' IT-user capabilities are world class. But to be in the competition, we must use it to improve the academic objectives. Students should move into the IT creates the category. "

Digitization and differentiation?

To ensure that the new IT strategy is being implemented successfully, it requires, according to Lisa Christensen, principal at Rugkobbel School, a similar development in teachers' pedagogical tool. "It should be pedagogy that control technique," said Lisa Christensen in his paper on skills development challenges for teachers. "We should not forget safety factor in all this talk about blowing up the classroom and on more differentiated teaching. We must not forget that the class will soon be the only safe point of reference for students. We must not lose completely, "said Lisa Christensen.

Facts about IT strategy

A national ICT strategy is being prepared as part of the government primary school initiative "Professionalism and Freedom" High school The initiative "Professionalism and Freedom" was adopted in December 2010. The government's IT strategy will, according to plan, published in May 2011. The Government proposes to allocate 500 million kroner from ABT Fund to roll out of future IT-based learning materials, and that efforts supported by setting up experiments with digital demonstration schools. Source: