Action at vocational schools creating new apprenticeships

Action at vocational schools creating new apprenticeships

When vocational schools make an active effort to create more apprenticeships, it has a positive effect. It shows a new evaluation included in the government's continued efforts to strengthen education guarantee.
Direct inquiries from schools and students is the main trigger for companies to decide to be approved as an internship and hiring a student. The report "Evaluation of school internship outreach to non-internship approved establishments" from the Danish Technological Institute.

Active efforts pay off

The evaluation also shows that companies which are not approved as internship generally satisfied with school internship outreach work and are willing to recruit students, but demand more information on the many opportunities that internship. Children and Education Christine Antorini will use the evaluation actively: "We are evaluating see that it pays to make an active effort to create more apprenticeships. We must therefore seriously consider how we can strengthen efforts against the companies. I will invite the Council of the Basic Vocational Education and all parties in the council to come up with ideas on how to contact the companies can get even more people to help educate students. I will also take the evaluation as to future policy discussions on how the government creates more traineeships and strengthens education guarantee, "says Christine Antorini.

Companies seeking information and support

The evaluation shows that when companies decide not to set up an internship, made the case especially with the lack of orders. Some companies have also difficult to assess how to create an internship from corporate tasks. Here, schools can play a crucial role in helping to identify, define and delineate tasks and visualize what it costs to have a pupil. The evaluation indicates that there are significant differences between the schools on managements 'and councils' involvement in relation to the internship outreach. In addition, calls for school internship employees a stronger cooperation between the schools with each other and with the trade committees and local training on internship work. The evaluation was conducted as part of the "Agreement on several internships in 2011". Source: UVM