Where should I eat brunch in Copenhagen?

Where should I eat brunch in Copenhagen?


Are you also totally crazy about the combination of breakfast and lunch? Want to find your next favorite brunch spot in Copenhagen? So read on here, where you get inspiration for where in Copenhagen you should eat your brunch.

Food and coffee

If you are looking for Copenhagen's best brunch for the money , go for Food and Coffee. Here you can get really delicious food at really good prices. You choose whether you want three, five or seven dishes, and then you choose exactly what you want most from the menu. That is, you can tailor your brunch according to your specific preferences.

Among other things, you can get delicious freshly baked bread and well-brewed, organic coffee at the popular restaurants. Of course, the menu also offers some sweet things, various dairy products as well as salmon, sausages and bacon. In short, there is something for everyone on the menu at Food and Coffee, and whatever you prefer, you can put together your perfect brunch.

You can find Food and Coffee in several different places in Copenhagen, so wherever you are, you are very likely to be close to one of the delicious eateries.

Father's Boy

If you have an Instagram account and just follow a single influencer or two, chances are you've already seen pictures from Father's Boy. The eatery attracts bloggers, influencers and other Instagram enthusiasts in crowds, and on social media you can therefore also find tons of pictures from this particular restaurant.

The reason why this brunch spot is so popular is, of course, that their food looks particularly good on pictures. For example, they like to decorate their food with edible flowers, which helps make the dishes particularly photogenic.

In addition to the food being really beautiful on Father's Boy, it naturally tastes good. So you can calm down if you want a good brunch - just be aware that you probably need to book a table if you don't want to fight the square with the many influencers.


When you walk down Værnedamsvej in Copenhagen, it is almost as if you are stepping into the streets of the Marais district of Paris for a while. The small, cozy street simply exudes French charm, and if you are just a little excited about Mona Lisa's homeland, then you should definitely also make the way past this particular street.

On Værnedamsvej you will find the café Granola, and here you can also get a really good brunch. The menu offers various French dishes - of course - so you can, among other things, enjoy an exquisite Croque Monsieur. In addition, you can get delicious salads and various dairy products here.

The decor and ambiance of Granola sends your mind to a Parisian sidewalk cafe. If you are lucky enough to have a seat outside on a sunny day, you can also for a while cheat yourself to the capital of France. With a good cup of coffee in one hand and a croissant in the other, you can almost see the Eiffel Tower on the horizon.