Remember lunchbox

Remember lunchbox

ÅÅÅhhh .. I do not want to make a packed lunch, and it is also just so boring. Do you know that? But read in here and get some tips on why you should and how you made the lunch box.

Firstly, you have to have something in the stomach during a long day when you would not have the energy to either brain or muscles, and thus of all tasks to be tackled.

It is thumping expensive when you middle of the day suddenly faced with rumbling stomach, and then choose to add 40, - in the canteen. It should not be many times in a week that you throw yourself hungry of canteen food before you have spent a nice 500-husband of one month.

-Regn Example. out how much you instead of saving per. once you have packed lunch.

-Make Your lunch in the evening where you still have time in chopping board, stove, etc.

-Make Possible. your dinner out of what is appropriate to bring to lunch the next day too. (Pasta salad, small cakes, a good salad, omelette, etc.).

-Hav Always crisp bread, buns and good rye bread in your bread box, as it's easy to make a flap along the. (Behind perhaps. Something yourself)

-Make Small tubs of nuts, dried fruits, berries and vegetable sticks, a little yogurt, a piece of chocolate or the like, which is delicious and snack-like when you're about to go sugar cold and need something quick.

-And Of course, the icing on the cake. Sea equipped in order. Make sure you have good tubs of various sizes, "zipper bags", abundant with tinfoil, Plastic Wraps, etc., so it is quick and easy to pack goodies Properly.

If you have these tips in mind, you should be ladesiggøreligt to have made an ok lunch from now on.